Diets: Should i start p90x to get tone lean muscle?

Question by BAY KKING: Should i start p90x to get tone lean muscle?
im a very athletic person but still have some fat hiding my muscles. should i do p90x to get toned up. by the way im 15 yrs old. ive tried p90 already months ago and finished it.

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Answer by lollypop414

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How does the P90X program work (which discs do you do each day?)?

Question by ErvE: How does the P90X program work (which discs do you do each day?)?
I am interested in buying P90X, but before I do, I want to know how exactly it works. There’s only 12 discs, yet its a 90 day program. What discs do you do each day? How does the cycle/rotation work. Thanks so much!

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Answer by Aolly
There are different programs you can choose from for P90X depending on your goals. Each of these programs has three four week phases. During the first three weeks of phases 1 and 2 you do a different exercise for every day of the week and then repeat. The fourth week is a “recovery week” (in which you still have an exercise to do every day, working on seldom used muscles). Phase 3 is meant to confuse your muscles, so instead of doing a 7 day cycle three weeks in a row, you alternate, doing the same series of 7 for weeks 9 and 11, and weeks 10 and 12. Week 13 is a recovery and ab focus week.

You can also download the Fitness Guide that comes with the CDs as a pdf online, in case you need more information or I didn’t explain it very well.

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I read over the question again… and it seems I missed “What discs do you do each day?”. Silly me. =P Well… it’s a little much to write out EVERYTHING, so I will write out the information for the “Classic” program (as opposed to “Doubles” or “Lean”

Phase 1
Weeks 1-3
Day _1 Chest and Back, Ab ripper X
2 Plyometrics
3 Shoulders and arms, Ab ripper X
4 Yoga X
5 Legs and back, Ab ripper x
6 Kenpo X
7 Rest or X stretch

Week 4 (Recovery and ab focus)
1 Yoga X
2 Kenpo X
X stretch
Core synergistics
Yoga x
Rest or X stretch

Phase 2 is the same. (Phase one was for mastering the series, Phase 2 is for building mass, meaning you’d use heavier weights, if you want to continue developing lean muscle you’d continue with slightly lower weights but keeping the reps up higher).

Phase 3 weeks 9 and 11 and weeks 10 and 12 are very similar, and almost the same as Phases 1 and 2, however, they do a different workout from each other on Day 3. Week 13 is like a normal rest week.

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